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Cuttyhunk, MA Quadrangle

USGS 7.5 Minute Series
Latitude 41.4375 Longitude 289.0625
1944 northwest corner (jpeg 0.8 mb) northeast corner (jpeg 0.9 mb)
southwest corner (jpeg 0.8 mb) southeast corner (jpeg 0.9 mb)
Surveyed 1942
1951 northwest corner (jpeg 0.7 mb) northeast corner (jpeg 0.8 mb)
southwest corner (jpeg 0.7 mb) southeast corner (jpeg 0.8 mb)
Surveyed 1942, 1951 (revised)
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USGS 15 Minute Series Quadrangle Covering this Area
Gay Head
Towns Covered By this Quadrangle

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Last Updated 15 January 2002