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Historic USGS Maps of New England
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Franconia, NH Quadrangle

USGS 15 Minute Series
Latitude 44.125 Longitude 288.375

To view copies of the quadrangle quarters, click on the map names below. To print copies of the maps please read Getting Copies of the Maps.
To view the complete stitched quadrangle use the MrSID options. For help finding the necessary viewers please see Introduction to MrSID.

1929 northwest corner (jpeg 1.8 mb) northeast corner (jpeg 1.9 mb)
southwest corner (jpeg 1.9 mb) southeast corner (jpeg 1.8 mb)
Surveyed 1929
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1932 northwest corner (jpeg 2.2 mb) northeast corner (jpeg 2.2 mb)
southwest corner (jpeg 1.7 mb) southeast corner (jpeg 2.1 mb)
Surveyed 1929
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